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Home Cookin’

I actually came up with this week's special a couple of months ago but I wanted to wait until it got good and cold outside before I offered it since it is a heavy dish. The concept started with making a cooked to order, skillet...

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Pasta Time!

It's time again to make pasta! Since my goat specials always go over very well I thought that I'd do it again for this one. The goat is cooked bone-on in beef stock, red wine, tomatoes and aromatics, then the meat is meticulously removed from the bone...

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Another Chance

I was able to get a really good price on fillet of sole for this week so I decided that I'd use the opportunity to fill it with some crab. The filling is mainly red crab but it needed a binder so I mixed in...

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A Long Time Coming

Sometimes I surprise myself when I didn't think of a special before. I love using the pork tenderloin (if you haven't noticed that before) but I've yet to wrap it in bacon. Well, I'm changing that now! Once trimmed and portioned we wrapped them in...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Once again I am continuing with my Thanksgiving tradition of offering a variation of Thanksgiving dinner for my specials. This time I went with sweet potato gnocchi made with roasted yams, ricotta cheese, Parmesan and flour. I braised turkey thighs and breasts in a very...

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Kaleidoscope of Colors

I set out to make the most autumn-like special and I think I really nailed it. I usually make a flavored spaetzle once a year but it's often hard to get the flavor to come through so this time I made it with saffron. Not...

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Just in Time

With a chill in the air I felt that it was high time to offer a rich dish that warms the bones. I picked up some beautiful lamb shanks and braised them in wine, caramelized aromatics, rosemary and tomato paste. The resulting liquid gets used...

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Plenty of Herbs

I've had this special in mind for quite some time, and even though it is more suited for spring I decided to offer it now because I felt that chanterelle mushrooms really complete the dish. I start with a savory crepe batter (eggs, flour, milk,...

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A New Blend

I don't offer goat that often because it is expensive and very time consuming to prepare, but I do it from time to time. So when I was ready to task my kitchen with the tedious preparation I thought that I'd do a fusion of...

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